Posted by Tim Wackrow

Why do we train? For the most part it's about improving ourselves. Whether that's looking like a cover shoot model in the mirror, squatting small vehicles or just being comfortable in your own body, we all train with some goal in focus. What does this have to do with the shoes you wear?

Having the right shoes can help you reach your goals faster and can provide you with the functional requirements that your training demands. So here are 5 aspects of a CrossFit shoe that will hopefully convince you to invest in a pair. The characteristics are unique to the new Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 but will give you an idea what to look for when finding the right shoe for you.


If you've ever done a CrossFit workout you know it's hard work. CrossFit shoes need to be as strong as the people that wear them. They are constantly being thrown different movements and activities. From burpees to box jumps your shoes will get dragged along pavements and bent and twisted every time you set foot in a Crossfit box. If your shoes aren't tough, they won't last. The Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0's are made of Kevlar. That's what bullet proof vests are made from. Look for an upper and sole that is strong and durable!


CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements. This means your footwear needs to cope with whatever you throw at it. Shoes will always have tradeoffs and specialties but you must feel comfortable in a CrossFit shoe whether running through a field or under an overhead squat. The CrossFit Nano tends to lifting more than other CrossFit shoes available but you still can run up and down the street with a slimmer profile and different materials used throughout the length of the shoe. 


It's very difficult to escape lifting weights when it comes to CrossFit. And this is where shoes make a huge difference. The first is the sole is generally flat. This means no roll when underneath weight and a more stable platform to lift from. Running shoes tend to be shaped underneath to match the heel strike and carry through of a running motion. The other characteristic unique to the Nano is the wider toe box. This allows you to splay your toes giving a more natural and comfortable platform when deadlifting, squatting or olympic weightlifting. And finally there is compression. Running shoes normally have a good squish to help soften the impact of landing. CrossFit shoes don't have as much because when you push up weight, you don't want to be losing power or stability through the shoe!


CrossFit shoes also have to be light! The Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 weighs approximately 260g meaning it's not too heavy when doing pull ups or jumping onto a box. Sometimes CrossFit shoes will compromise their strength to be lighter. You need to find what works for you and how long you want your shoes to last!


Whether you love or hate rope climbs you will have to face them in CrossFit. And they are a lot easier to do when using your feet! Most CrossFit shoes have an area of hardened material through the midsole that allows you to grip the rope and run it through your feet without tearing through the shoe. The Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 has Carbon Runner Rope Pro with grippy spikes to ensure you don't come off the rope!


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