Posted by Tim Wackrow

With the games finishing last week we look back at the craziness that is the CrossFit Games. This year was definitely another level of difficulty with long workouts, massive weights and increased pressure. We have so much respect for these athletes! Here are our favourite moments...

Seeing athletes from New Zealand boxes represent our country made us proud. Well done team!

Watching Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson crush Murph. The Icelandic unit managed 38:36. That's nearly a minute faster than Mat Fraser and over 15 minutes faster than most competitors...

Watching Rich Froning's team CrossFit Mayhem take the win. Rich is a beast but his team had to keep up with him, and that's impressive.

Seeing Ben Smith make the last minute win over Mat Fraser to take the title of Fittest Man on Earth. It seems consistency is the key! Seventh time at the games, Ben stayed solid.

Seeing Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir quietly working hard to take the title of Fittest Women on Earth. The second Icelandic women to take the games, it must be something in the water.

And our favourite moments from the games were watching the Athletes share in the suffering. CrossFit is a rare sport where the athletes compete with each other while at the same time support and encourage each other!